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Preparing for your board examination is tough. That is why The Osler Institute has designed its review courses to cut out the "fluff" and offer you only those pearls which are guaranteed to help you ace your examination.
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The Osler Institute - A Concise History

The Osler Institute was incorporated August 17, 1982, as a not-for-profit continuing medical education organization in Indiana to coordinate the Pathology Board Review Course. Within three years, this course grew to being attended by about half of all candidates for the American Board of Pathology exam. In 1986 the Institute started similar courses in Orthopedics and Otolaryngology. Since its inception the Osler Institute has produced more than 500 courses in twenty specialties with more than 70,000 participants who received more than a million hours of instruction - more than most medical school CME departments. For several years The Institute has published its course syllabi and audio recordings. The Osler Institute has published hard-cover copies of Osler's Aequanimitas with Other Addresses, Evolution of Modern Medicine, An Alabama Student, The Student Life, Angina Pectoris, A Way of Life, A Concise History of Medicine and Science and Immortality. The Osler Institute is dedicated to preserving the memory and spirit of Sir William Osler as well as extending his commitment to excellence in continuing medical education and the science and art of medical practice.
Joseph H. Selliken, Jr, MD